Opening next weekend (20 July) in Genova, for LE LATITUDINI DELL’ARTE, prestigious Contemporary Art Biennial under the heading of the artistic-cultural exchange between Italy and the other European countries.

The show, promoted by Art Commission in collaboration with Genova Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura, sees as countries protagonists of this third edition Holland and Italy, with artworks by many artists presented in collaboration with italian and foreign galleries, museums and foundations.

The exhibition, curated by Virginia Monteverde with critical presentation by Carmelo Strano, will be inaugurated the 20th of July 2017 at 18:00 by the Munizioniere Hall of Doge’s Palace in Genova and will run till the 31st of August 2019.

I will present the tryptich version of Protoquadro BLU.


Is a research to reclaim and rediscover the color of the mediterranean sea.
The protoquadro will be working using photos made by the artist and selected specifically to represent the color and the shadow of the sea around Sicily and themes connected to his memories. This piece is a proof of concept for a bigger one, in tree screens, that will be connected in real time to the flow of tidal currents.

The evolution of the painting in time will be influenced by real time data flows about the tides and the status of the mediterranean sea, either biological, oceanographic data and ethnographic datas connected with migration.

The artist intent is to make a protoquadro type of object that “cleanse”, while working and being watched, the ultramarine blue color of our sea from horrors and mistakes of humans.


Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 13.22.07

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 13.19.30

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.45.27




IFA in Berlin Messe claims to be the biggest fair type event for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances in the world.
And in this occasion the ICE series Triptych called “B” will be shown in the premises, introduced by a first outing on web site. In the site you can also d/l an interview with Federico Bonelli.
Still available a nice introduction to Protoquadro project as published on Password Magazine n.33 .PDF.

Is for us a nice thing moreover because we expect more people to be able to see our work and enjoy it. we will be hosting a camping trip next month, where we will all be taking the Archery Topend Sport accessories, so stay tuned for that.

Is the occasion to thanks all minds and harts behind the project “protoquadro”, in particular Amy Jackson, the brilliant artist that inspired with her gorgeous pictures the first protoquadro “Unlikely Canvases” in 2003.

Federico will be in Berlin to answer questions, get in touch via mail directly or via Philips own communication at IFA if you like to meet him.

Protoquadro EPQ-ICE-B (2008) from Federico Bonelli on Vimeo.

For the youtube clip follow this link here: Protoquadro ICE-B .

(v 0.2 – 2008)

NB:this film should be seen turned CCW 90deg

Protoquadro is a generative painting technique.

A generative object,
conceived to be hang on a wall
and stand as a painting will
and changing slowly in unpredictable ways.

B is composed using a selection pictures from ice formations on water, frost, crystals and snow and a set of images of a naked female body covered with clay,
taken by the author.

ICE-B is a futurist painting about the search for an archetype.

more info:

by: Federico Bonelli

software by: Robert Fischer
model for B: Benedetta Mazzotti

Opens today up in Eindhoven CRE 2009, the annual internal showcase for Philips Research.

As happened before CRE is a platform to show some new work of the protoquadro kind for SUb multimedia re_search lab members. This year a preview of a new work is exposed on the walls of the Hospitality Center: SPQICE-Triptych-B.

SPQ ICE Triptych B is Hanging in the Experience Lab, Eindhoven

Hanging in the Experience Lab, Eindhoven

The new piece, has been begotten by the same research that created the ICE piece for Berlin Transmediale and EPQ-B; a quest for a generative object, conceived to be hang on a wall and stand as a painting will changing slowly in unpredictable ways connected to his “inner law of evolution”.

Is composed using a selection pictures from ice formations on water, frost, crystals and snow, and a set of images of a female body covered with clay, taken between 2008 and 2009 in North european winters. The photos are expression of a ongoing research on the colors and geometries that are generated by states of water, in particular, for this one, by the solid: ice, snow, crystals, frost.

The triptych hangs on the wall to open up a vertical dimension in the space. Traditionally conceived, to help raise the eyes up. Is also a painting about the search for an archetype, a set of transformational rules that stands into the everyday visual mind scape to alter our perception of it. A slightly unsettling, dangerous idea of beauty that stands behind the image and the way it changes.

Concept and pictures by Federico Bonelli.
Algorithms design: Federico Bonelli, Robert Fischer, Maurizio Martinucci
Model for B and coreography of her movements Benedetta Mazzotti
Software : Robert Fischer
Produced by SUb multimedia re_search lab and Philips Research

Many thanks to: Inés Sauer, Victor Nieuwenhuis, Gisle Fröisland and Piksel festival Bergen

EPQ B as set up in the Loophole Gallery FridayIce SPQ #1 In Berlin Transmediale 09

EPQ B as set up in the Loophole Gallery Friday -photo R.F.

Transmediale is on this week in Berlin and we have two pieces to be seen in town.
The first one is at Transmediale main exhibition, is a triptych made on 3 screens, and illustrates a norwegian folk story with ever-changing chill.
The second piece will hand from this afternoon in the space OFF-Transmediale at the gallery the “Loophole” thanks to the initiative of our friends there in Berlin. In this way you can admire our new work that had found no place in the main Exhibition. Let us know what you think…

More soon!

A interesting article about EPQ-Junglescape and protoquadro appeared on Password Magazine number 33. In this same magazine there is an absolutely amazing article where you can know about herbal medicine. It is very enlightening and it opens you up to new health solutions. Worth a read. You can d/l the whole edition of the magazine here. Is 2.3 Mb .pdf file.


{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=3188; showalbumtitle=true; showsubalbums=true; showimagesheader=true;}Since a week an experimental JS# Protoquadro set is hanging in the main lobby of Philips Research library building in Eindhoven. It took the place of a loud CNN newsreel. The lobby ladies now look over the screen of their own computer more often and told me they have a nicer day there: “it’s a more peaceful feeling and I like to see what’s in it now and then”. Passers by happily look too, and people that have to wait get hooked.

In last week and to the end of this one a new protoquadro is being exposed within Philips Research annual CRE exhibition in Eindhoven.

{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=3171; clickimage=newwindowplain; showalbumtitle=true; showsubalbums=true; showimagesheader=true;}The piece exposed is a new concept for one screen. It is based on a modified EPQ-JS# algorithm and rendering strategy, the same used for the multi-screen installation Junglescape that shows in Philips Shoplab. It runs in full HD1080i resolution on an Aurea screen, covered with a handmade platan wood frame and hanged in portrait mode.

I have been talking with public and visitors for two days and had very interesting feedback comments. The piece has been received wonderfully as the protoquadro project. It gets easier to explain it as a pictorial artistic technique than in 2004, and visitors often seated on the couches in front of the piece to take their time to look at it in it’s changing behaviour.
Many questions regarded the possibility of housing a protoquadro home as a painting.

Concept and photos for JS#A protoquadro are by F. Bonelli:
thanks to Rob for the stand-alone version of EPQ engine on wich the painting is running and the all SUb crew. Special thanks to Arianna de Angelis for her mysterious and dynamic image and to V. Nieuwenhuis for inspiration and sharing with me his tricks-of-the-trade.