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Opens today up in Eindhoven CRE 2009, the annual internal showcase for Philips Research.

As happened before CRE is a platform to show some new work of the protoquadro kind for SUb multimedia re_search lab members. This year a preview of a new work is exposed on the walls of the Hospitality Center: SPQICE-Triptych-B.

SPQ ICE Triptych B is Hanging in the Experience Lab, Eindhoven

Hanging in the Experience Lab, Eindhoven

The new piece, has been begotten by the same research that created the ICE piece for Berlin Transmediale and EPQ-B; a quest for a generative object, conceived to be hang on a wall and stand as a painting will changing slowly in unpredictable ways connected to his “inner law of evolution”.

Is composed using a selection pictures from ice formations on water, frost, crystals and snow, and a set of images of a female body covered with clay, taken between 2008 and 2009 in North european winters. The photos are expression of a ongoing research on the colors and geometries that are generated by states of water, in particular, for this one, by the solid: ice, snow, crystals, frost.

The triptych hangs on the wall to open up a vertical dimension in the space. Traditionally conceived, to help raise the eyes up. Is also a painting about the search for an archetype, a set of transformational rules that stands into the everyday visual mind scape to alter our perception of it. A slightly unsettling, dangerous idea of beauty that stands behind the image and the way it changes.

Concept and pictures by Federico Bonelli.
Algorithms design: Federico Bonelli, Robert Fischer, Maurizio Martinucci
Model for B and coreography of her movements Benedetta Mazzotti
Software : Robert Fischer
Produced by SUb multimedia re_search lab and Philips Research

Many thanks to: Inés Sauer, Victor Nieuwenhuis, Gisle Fröisland and Piksel festival Bergen