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EPQ B as set up in the Loophole Gallery FridayIce SPQ #1 In Berlin Transmediale 09

EPQ B as set up in the Loophole Gallery Friday -photo R.F.

Transmediale is on this week in Berlin and we have two pieces to be seen in town.
The first one is at Transmediale main exhibition, is a triptych made on 3 screens, and illustrates a norwegian folk story with ever-changing chill.
The second piece will hand from this afternoon in the space OFF-Transmediale at the gallery the “Loophole” thanks to the initiative of our friends there in Berlin. In this way you can admire our new work that had found no place in the main Exhibition. Let us know what you think…

More soon!

In last week and to the end of this one a new protoquadro is being exposed within Philips Research annual CRE exhibition in Eindhoven.

{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=3171; clickimage=newwindowplain; showalbumtitle=true; showsubalbums=true; showimagesheader=true;}The piece exposed is a new concept for one screen. It is based on a modified EPQ-JS# algorithm and rendering strategy, the same used for the multi-screen installation Junglescape that shows in Philips Shoplab. It runs in full HD1080i resolution on an Aurea screen, covered with a handmade platan wood frame and hanged in portrait mode.

I have been talking with public and visitors for two days and had very interesting feedback comments. The piece has been received wonderfully as the protoquadro project. It gets easier to explain it as a pictorial artistic technique than in 2004, and visitors often seated on the couches in front of the piece to take their time to look at it in it’s changing behaviour.
Many questions regarded the possibility of housing a protoquadro home as a painting.

Concept and photos for JS#A protoquadro are by F. Bonelli:
thanks to Rob for the stand-alone version of EPQ engine on wich the painting is running and the all SUb crew. Special thanks to Arianna de Angelis for her mysterious and dynamic image and to V. Nieuwenhuis for inspiration and sharing with me his tricks-of-the-trade.

Federico BonelliYesterday, guested by the Van Abbe Museum in Groningen in a Symposium on the theme: “Urban Screens Prelude to Virtual Reality in Public Spaces?” and together with Evert van Loenen from Philips Research, I have presented a preview of the EPQ Junglescape installation.

The Symposium was part of the program of the Image Radio Festival.

The Auditorium of the Museum was decorated by the enhanced version of Unlikely Canvases, hosted into a 42″ Philips display hanged on the wall, that expressed with strength the concept of ambient aesthetics connected to the protoquadro. The film previewed with the audience in the museum will be on-line in the next days. It shows EPQ-Junglescape on the 4 windows of the Shop window installation in Homelab premises.EPQ JS HL2

Invited speaker were Mirjam Struppek, George Fifield, Evert van Loenen and Federico Bonelli, moderated and introduced by Carmin Karasic.

A short clip documenting modes of interaction between passers by and the shopwindow installation at Philips Homelab showing Junglescape was shown to a attentive audience inside Evert van Loenen presentation. Many question followed in during the panel discussion and between panelers and guests in the following dinner.

The event was streamed live by

A interesting comment about the event has been published on the dutch newspaper NRC. YOu can find it in the press section or linked here

(photo of F.B. is from brian pagan, public on flickr, thanks Brian!)

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If you like to know about protoquadro projects you can still visit our old sites:

  • NG : Site dediacated to the first two protoquadros: UC# (Unlikely Canvases) and Secret Life of Flowers
  • SYB: Dedicated to the Protoquadro developed into SYB gallery in the summer of 2005



“National Museum of Women in the Arts”
the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women artists.

Has exhibited the NG#- Unlikely Canvases Protoquadro in Washington DC from Sept 25 to October 1.

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In the photos you can see Amy and Tez posing with the improved version of NG#-UC, running at a resolution of 1440*900 pixel.