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Protoquadro EPQ-ICE-B (2008) from Federico Bonelli on Vimeo.

For the youtube clip follow this link here: Protoquadro ICE-B .

(v 0.2 – 2008)

NB:this film should be seen turned CCW 90deg

Protoquadro is a generative painting technique.

A generative object,
conceived to be hang on a wall
and stand as a painting will
and changing slowly in unpredictable ways.

B is composed using a selection pictures from ice formations on water, frost, crystals and snow and a set of images of a naked female body covered with clay,
taken by the author.

ICE-B is a futurist painting about the search for an archetype.

more info:

by: Federico Bonelli

software by: Robert Fischer
model for B: Benedetta Mazzotti

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